Bo Ryan’s Retirement, Best Food To Donate, Avoiding Living Alone

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Living alone has grown popular in recent years, but new trends like adult dorms and other co-housing options are popping up. An expert share the latest data on how we’re living. We also learn the best, and worst, foods to donate this time of year, and look at the tenure and legacy of coach Bo Ryan, who just announced his retirement.

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  • A Look Back At The Tenure And Legacy Of UW's Bo Ryan

    After last night’s game, UW men’s basketball coach Bo Ryan announced his immediate retirement from coaching. A sportswriter talks about the tenure and legacy of Ryan, and how he transformed Wisconsin into a basketball powerhouse.

  • New Housing Arrangements: New Trend To Replace Living Alone?

    From adult dorms and grown-ups living with parents, to co-housing and seniors living with roommates, new housing arrangements are showing up around the country. Will this turn around a long-growing trend of Americans living alone? A sociologist shares the latest on housing and the way we live.

  • How To Give To Food Pantries

    Many people help others during the holiday giving season and donating items to your local food bank is a logical choice, but what to give and what not to give are just as important as giving itself. The State Coordinator for Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program joins us with some tips on how and what to donate.

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