Black Homeownership Continues At Historic Low, What Can We Expect From Foxconn In Wisconsin?

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Historically, African Americans and other people of color have been kept from homeownership opportunities due to redlining, discrimination in lending opportunities and disparities in homebuyer knowledge. We discuss what advantage homeownership gives and individual and how what it would take to turn this situation around. We also look at what Foxconn facilities Wisconsin might actually see being built here.

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  • Black Homeownership Levels Continue At Historic Low

    For a person of color, the road to home ownership has not been without obstacles– from unfair lending practices to controlling which houses were “suitable” for black residents. We discuss why homeownership rates for African Americans continues to be at a historic low and what two Milwaukee community workers think we can do to change that.

  • What Will Foxconn's Operations In Wisconsin Ultimately Look Like?

    When the deal between then-Gov. Scott Walker and Foxconn executives was signed, the plan was for the company to build a mammoth manufacturing campus in Racine County. Now, industry analysts are skeptical that even a certain smaller version of that plant will be built. We discuss why they’re dubious and what they say is likely to be built in Wisconsin instead.

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