Birthright Citizenship, 4 Ways To Reduce Gun Violence, Non-Gender-Conforming Kids In Wisconsin

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Milwaukee has faced a high amount of gun violence this year, and officials are looking for answers. A violence-prevention expert shares four policies that could reduce gun violence in the city. We also hear about the experiences of non-gender-conforming kids in Wisconsin classrooms, and we’ll find out what role the issue of birthright citizenship is likely to play in the 2016 presidential election.

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  • Birthright Citizenship And The Immigration Debate

    Birthright citizenship is emerging as an important angle of the immigration debate among presidential hopefuls. We’ll find out what it is, and what stances are being taken.

  • Expert Lays Out Four Things Wisconsin Could Do To Reduce Gun Violence

    Gun violence in Milwaukee has been up significantly this year, leaving many searching for solutions. A gun violence prevention expert lays out four policy recommendations that she says would save lives in Wisconsin.

  • The Experience Of Non-Gender-Conforming Kids In Wisconsin Classrooms

    As the school year approaches, kids who don’t fit into expected gender norms can face extra challenges. Two UW researchers looked at the experience of transgender and non-gender-conforming children in Wisconsin schools.

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