Birthrate Declines, State Of The Tribes

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New federal data shows the birth rate continued to decline throughout the pandemic. We talk to a UW professor about what’s driving the decline. Then, we discuss this year’s State of the Tribes event.

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  • Continual Decline In U.S. Birthrate Tells Bigger Story Of Changing American Families

    For the sixth consecutive year in a row, the federal government reported a decline in the birthrate making the current birthrate the lowest its ever been. We talk with a Wisconsin professor about why people are choosing to have or not have kids in today’s world, and we ask what went into your own decision-making process.

  • Looking Back At The 2021 State Of The Tribes Address

    John Johnson Sr., President of Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, delivered the 17th annual State of the Tribes at the state capitol today. We talk with a reporter about the issues he brought up and how they’re playing out for Wisconsin’s tribal nations.

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