Biodiversity and land protection, American prosperity

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Hummingbird on flower
A female Ruby-throated hummingbird sits on the branch of a Rhododendron in Moreland Hills, Ohio on Wednesday, May 18, 2011. The tiny birds winter in Mexico, Central America, and on Caribbean islands and migrate north through much of the eastern United States in the Spring. Amy Sancetta/AP Photo

New data show that areas of protected lands also tend to have the highest rates fo biodiversity. We talk about why biodiversity matters and hear what areas of Wisconsin are most in danger of losing their variety of plant and animal life. We also talk with a guest who says despite plenty of challenges, the U.S. remains strong and prosperous in a lot of ways.

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  • How land protections and biodiversity overlap

    The parts of the U.S. most at risk of losing plant and animal species are also the least protected. We take a look at the perils of biodiversity loss and efforts to stop it.

  • The argument American prosperity is alive and well

    Our guest believes there are multiple reasons to still be optimistic about both the global strength of the United States and its domestic prosperity.

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