Bills To Watch In 2016, Wreck Of The Griffon, Preparing For Retirement

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The New Year is upon us, and if your resolution is to save more for retirement, our guest has some advice for you. An author discusses the many different paths to retirement, and shares some tips that can help everyone. We also learn about a 300-year-old French shipwreck in Lake Michigan, and we talk to a state capitol reporter about bills to watch in 2016.

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  • Bills To Watch In 2016

    2015 was a very busy year for Wisconsin state lawmakers. With a majority in both houses, Republicans passed right-to-work legislation, partially repealed prevailing wage laws, and made major changes to campaign and elections oversight. We talk to a state capitol reporter about what bills might pass in 2016.

  • Wisconsin Life: Wreck Of The Griffon

    On today’s Wisconsin Life we learn about the history of a French ship that disappeared over 300 years ago on Lake Michigan.

  • Choosing Our Retirement Goals (And Avoiding Some Myths)

    A personal finance writer shares advice, and tries to clear up some misconceptions, to help you “Choose Your Retirement.”

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