Bill Would Fund Emergency Grants For Wisconsin College Students, Cedarburg Bog, Legislation Targets Alzheimer’s Health Crisis

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A number of bills aiming to improve healthcare for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are moving through the legislature with bipartisan support. A lawmaker explains why he supports these new investments. We also learn about the unique ecology of the Cedarburg Bog, and we talk to a higher education reporter about a bill that would fund emergency grants for Wisconsin college students.

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  • Bill Would Use State Funds For Emergency Grants For WI College Students

    In January, Governor Scott Walker introduced a suite of bills to help make college more affortable for students and their families in Wisconsin. One of those bills would allow $450,000 to fund emergency grants at technical colleges and the UW System’s two-year campuses. We talk to a higher education reporter about this bill and how it could change things for Wisconsin students.

  • Wisconsin Life: Cedarburg Bog

    On today’s Wisconsin Life we’ll learn about the unique ecology of the Cedarburg Bog.

  • Bipartisan Bill To Support Alzheimer's Caregivers

    We hear from a Wisconsin Assembly representative about the specifics of a bipartisan bill that would support caregivers of people living with Alzheimer’s disease. Then we talk with a caregiver advocate about how to help those caring for loved ones with dementia.

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