Bill Would End Congressional Pensions, Wisconsin’s Number Of Births, Winter Weather

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Earlier this month, two Republican senators introduced a bill that would end taxpayer-funded pensions for members of Congress. We learn more about what’s behind these proposals and the likelihood that we’ll see them move forward. New data shows Wisconsin’s number of births seems to be declining. We’ll learn more about what this could mean for the state moving forward. Also, we here about more winter weather headed our way.

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  • Senate Bill Would End Pensions For Retired U.S. Lawmakers

    A bill from two Republican Senators would end publicly funded pensions for retired lawmakers. We look into how our representatives are compensated, and discuss what eliminating pensions could mean for the makeup of Congress.

  • Wisconsin To See More Snow, Cold Temperatures This Week

    Wisconsin residents could see between 2 and 5 inches of snow this week when another winter storm moves through the state. We’ll learn more about this particular weather system and how this winter compares to previous years.

  • Wisconsin Reports Lowest Number Of Births Since The 1970s

    New data from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services shows that there were fewer than 65,000 births in the state in 2017. We learn about what could be impacting the birth rate and what it could mean for Wisconsin in the future.

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