Bill On Veteran’s Remains, English Language Learners, NFL Concussion Investigation

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English Language Learners make up nearly 10 percent of students in public schools, and their classification can be a big factor on how they perform on standardized tests like the ACT. Our guest explains why being classified as an English Language Learner, or not, is important. We also learn about an effor to allow veterans groups to bury unclaimed remains, and explore how the NFL downplayed the frequency of football-related concussions.

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  • New Bill Would Allow Veterans Groups To Bury Unclaimed Remains

    The Wisconsin Legislature approved a new law this week that would allow veterans groups to bury the unclaimed remains of veterans. We talk about the new law with David Kurtz, American Legion State Adjutant in Wisconsin.

  • The Impacts of Going from an English Learner to English Proficient Student

    10 percent of students across the country in public schools are ELLs, or English Language Learners. Research from Wisconsin shows that when ELL students are reclassified as English Language Proficient, they may have a higher chance of scoring better on standardized tests or being better prepared for college. Our guest tells us some of the reasons ELL students aren’t being promoted even if they’re are proficient in English and what the policy implications of the research are.

  • NFL Downplayed Frequency of Football-Related Concussions, Investigative Report Finds

    The NFL has long come under fire for its stance on links between brain injury and football, and a new report finds that the league has understated the link between long term health risks and football, and may have also had ties to the tobacco industry, which became notorious for using questionable science to understate the health repurcussions of smoking. Our guest is one of the NY Times reporters that investigated the NFL’s claims and tells us more.

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