Biggest ideas, Local election partisanship

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Comparing two black hole images
The first black hole that was imaged in the M87 galaxy is 1,500 times more massive than Sagittarius A*, but it’s also 2,000 times farther away from us, so the two images look similar when seen together. Screenshot from the National Science Foundation

We talk to the author of a new book about the biggest ideas in the universe. Then, a former city council president joins us to discuss the importance of local elections and how to keep partisanship from influencing non-partisan positions.

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  • How to prevent partisanship from influencing non-partisan local government elections

    Many elected positions in local government are supposed to be non-partisan, but political parties are starting to have more influence on these races. We examine the importance of these non-partisan roles and how to keep them separate from partisan politics.

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  • Rich Gruber Guest