The Big Band Era, Setting A Pinball Record, Presidential History Of Physical Education

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Wisconsinite Woody Herman plays the clarinet on his 71st birthday at the Radisson Hotel in Wilmington, Del., Wed., May 16, 1984. Herman led his group “The Young Thundering Herd” in a birthday celebration that also marked his induction into the Big Band Hall of Fame. (AP Photo)

We talk with former UW Bands Director Mike Leckrone about the Big Band era. A Milwaukee man played pinball for over thirty hours for a good cause, and we can thank, or blame, Teddy Roosevelt for school gym class and more in the area of physical education.

Featured in this Show

  • A New Course Looks At The Music Of The Big Band Era

    Former Badger Marching Band Director Mike Leckrone is sharing his love for big bands and dance orchestras in a new UW continuing education class. We talk about the music of the Big Band era, and who some of the most important figures were.

  • Milwaukee Man Sets Pinball Record While Raising Money For Hospital

    We talk about a record-setting game of pinball that happened for a good cause.

  • How Theodore Roosevelt Helped Create America's Sports Culture

    Theodore Roosevelt was one of our most physically active presidents, and during his time in office, the country saw a boom in organized athletics. We talk with an historian about the ways Roosevelt helped create America’s unique sports culture.

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