Beyoncé and Black artists in Country music, Mental health crisis care bill, The effects of algorithms on culture

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We talk about the Black musicians in Country music after the success of Beyoncé’s song “Texas Hold ’Em.” Then we discuss the lack of psychiatric care in Wisconsin, and hear from a lawmaker behind a bill trying to address that. And an author shares thoughts on how algorithms can limit content.

Featured in this Episode

  • Black is back on Country charts

    Last week, Beyoncé became the first Black woman to reach number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 with a country song…. Her hit “Texas Hold ‘Em.” The song also reached number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart. The song’s release has brought back questions about what music gets to be called “country”…. After a radio station in Oklahoma initially refused to play it, writing, quote….  “We do not play Beyoncé… as we are a country music station.”

  • Improving mental health crisis care in Wisconsin

    We talk to one of the lawmakers who introduced a bill that would establish more regional centers for psychiatric crisis care in Wisconsin. Then, we look at why there isn’t adequate psychiatric crisis care in the first place. 

  • How algorithms shape our lives

    If you’re online or using an app, chances are there is an algorithm at play recommending what to read, watch, or listen to next. But are these algorithms giving us what we really want? The author of a new book talks about the limits of what he calls the “filter world.”

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Marcus Dowling Guest
  • Clint Moses Guest
  • Sita Diehl Guest
  • Kyle Chayka Guest
  • Dean Knetter Executive Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Richelle Wilson Producer

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