Best Young Adult Writing In 2019, Top 2019 Stories As Seen Through Different Political Stripes, Homelessness Funding

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We talk with librarians about their picks for some of the best new books in 2019 for young adults. We also look at how party affiliation has influenced which of the biggest news stories people heard about in 2019. And we discuss the standoff between Gov. Evers and lawmakers over homelessness.

Featured in this Show

  • Best Young Adult Reads Of 2019

    Young Adult literature is popular with teens and adults of all ages. We talk with two book-savvy guests about their picks for best young adult releases of 2019.

  • The Year's Top News Stories In The Eyes Of Republican And Democratic Voters

    A new report shows that the biggest news stories people heard about this year might depend on whether they’re a Republican or Democrat. We look at which news stories were most likely to break through to voters in 2019.

  • A Look At The Standoff Between Evers And JFC Over Homelessness

    Gov. Tony Evers is calling on the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee to approve funding to help Wisconsin’s homeless population. We look at how the money would be used and why committee leaders are hesitant to oblige.

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