The Best Of Halloween Costumes, Creative Dishes For Your Winter Squash, Migrants Seeking Asylum From Honduras

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If you’re looking to branch out with squash or aren’t too familiar with how to make something palatable with it, our staff foodie might have some tips for you. We talk about various ways to use your winter squash. We also want to hear about your favorite and most memorable costumes you’ve dressed up as over the years as we talk with a local costume shop owner. And we talk to an immigration expert about why a group of migrants fleeing Honduras are seeking asylum in the U.S.

Featured in this Show

  • Why A Group Of Honduran Migrants Is Seeking Asylum In the U.S.

    President Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border over a large group of Honduran migrants that are walking to the U.S. by foot and seeking to apply for asylum. We talk to an immigration expert about conditions in Honduras that may be prompting them to flee, and about the international fallout from the situation.

  • The Search For The Perfect Halloween Costume

    Time is ticking to find the ultimate Halloween costume for this year’s holiday. We take calls from you about your best Halloween costume ideas and we talk with a local costume shop owner for their input.

  • Food Friday: Winter Squash

    Butternuts, acorns, delicatas, and pumpkins! Lori Skelton joins us to explore the many uses for winter squash in the kitchen, from stews to ice creams.

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