Behavior in the office, Oppenheimer and nuclear history

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A psychologist helps us examine our own behavior to determine whether we’re a jerk in the workplace. Then, following the popularity of the new Oppenheimer movie, we learn more about the history of nuclear weapons.

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  • How to tell if you're a jerk at work

    Everybody can agree that toxic coworkers can make even a dream job miserable. But nobody would ever admit that they are the toxic coworker—in fact, many offenders have no idea that they might be in the wrong. We talk to a psychologist and author about how to figure out if you’re the office jerk, and what to do about it.

  • New Oppenheimer film sheds a light on nuclear history

    The new Oppenheimer film has been a box-office success and brought renewed attention to the history of the atomic bomb. A nuclear historian weighs in on how the movie can be an on-ramp to important conversations about the past, present, and future of nuclear weapons.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director
  • Beatrice Lawrence Producer
  • Richelle Wilson Producer
  • Tessa West Guest
  • Alex Wellerstein Guest

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