Bedtime Stories For Adults, Why Young People Need Home Economics, Wisconsin’s 2018 In Renewable Energy

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Is home economics making a comeback? We hear from a college professor who spends the first week of the semester giving her students a rundown on basic life skills from credit card 101 to paying property taxes. We also talk to a writer whose specialty is fiction that will literally put you to sleep. And we discuss some major shifts in renewable energy across the state in 2018.

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  • A Look Back At Developments In Wisconsin's Renewable Energy Landscape In 2018

    A statewide renewable energy advocacy group says 2018 was a big year for renewables in Wisconsin. We talk to the director of the group about what’s behind the growing transition, and what parts of the state’s energy system are still relying on carbon sources.

  • Meet The Woman Whose Bedtime Stories Help Adults Fall Asleep

    For pretty much forever, parents have been reading their kids bedtime stories to help them fall asleep. It turns out that story time also works on adults. We chat with a woman whose descriptive tales are specifically designed to help adults doze off.

  • Why Home Economics Class Needs To Make A Comeback

    If your local high school still offers a home economics class, it’s likely an abbreviated offering or maybe wrapped in to another classes agenda. We hear from a professor who sees basic skills and understanding like having one great go-to meal or understanding how interest builds up on a credit lacking in her college students.

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