Bannon Leaves White House, Amazon And Anti-Trust Laws, Eclipse Report, Apocalyptic Fears

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Today, swaths of North America will be observing a full solar eclipse! We get a report from the ground in St. Louis, and discuss why eclipses have historically stoked fears of an apocalypse. With Amazon branching out into more sectors of the retail business, some say it’s time to ask whether the company violates anti-trust laws. We examine Amazon’s scope and look into the prospect of legal action. We also talk about the ouster of White House advisor Steve Bannon, and what’s next for him as he returns to Breitbart News.

Featured in this Show

  • A Trump White House Without Steve Bannon

    Monday marks President Trump’s return to the White House from his “working vacation,” and his first day on the job without his former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. We talk to a political writer about the direction the Trump administration’s policy might take without Bannon, including U.S. policy on Afghanistan.

  • Report From Wisconsinites In Missouri For the Eclipse

    A group of Wisconsinites traveled with staffers from the Milwaukee Public Museum to Missouri in order to get a better look at the solar eclipse. We’ll talk with a reporter who is traveling with them about what they saw.

  • Why Events Like Eclipses Can Have Apocalyptic Significance

    From ancient times to today, some people see natural events like eclipses as signs of the approaching end of humanity. We talk with a religious studies scholar about what meaning is sometimes attributed to those occurrences.

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