Baltimore Police Officer Involved In The Death Of Freddie Gray Acquitted, Wisconsin’s Drinking Culture, Luck and Success

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A recent study named a number of places in Wisconsin as the “drunkest cities in America,” but what makes one city more drunk than another? A UW health expert talks about the data, and what it means for the state. Also, an author looks at the role luck plays in success–whether we admit it or not. We also talk to an expert on law and criminal justice about the news that one of the police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray–who died from injuries sustained while he was in police custody–was acquitted.

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  • Baltimore Police Officer Acquitted In Freddie Gray's Death

    On Monday a judge acquitted a police officer in Baltimore who was involved in the death of Freddie Gray. Gray was a black man who died of injuries sustained while he was in police custory. Prosecutors say Gray sustained a spinal injury while riding in the back of a police van without a secured seatbelt. The officer, Edward Nero, was implicated in the opening moments of Gray’s arrest and was acquitted of second-degree assault, misconduct, and of reckless endangerment. We talk to an expert on law and criminal justice about this news and its larger context.

  • Wisconsin Has 12 Of The 20 Drunkest Cities In America

    A list ranking the “drunkest cities” in America shined a spotlight on Wisconsin last week. According to 24/7 Wall Street, an online financial news outlet, 12 of the 20 drunkest cities in America are all in Wisconsin, with Appleton in as the drunkest city in America. We talk to a researcher who looks at excessive drinking in Wisconsin and talk about why binge drinking is more common in Wisconsin and what makes healthy and safe drinking habits.

  • Success? It Takes A Whole Lot Of Luck, Economist Says

    Luck plays a bigger part in success than most successful people will admit, according to an economist who’s spent years studying the impact of chance on career success.

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