Baking with unique grains, The rise in youth voting

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There’s a lot more than simple all-purpose flour we can use in our baking. We talk with a miller about how to put some atypical grains and flours to work. Then new U.S. Census Bureau data show Wisconsin at the top of young voter turnout nationwide in last November’s elections. We talk about what’s driving young voters to the polls.

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  • Food Friday: Baking with atypical flours and grains

    Baking can be so much more than all-purpose and whole wheat flour, one cookbook author says. She joins us to talk about how you can start integrating various types of historic flours and grains into your baking and the importance of how your grain is grown and milled.

  • Breaking down Wisconsin's high youth voter turnout

    Wisconsin’s youth voter turnout in last November’s midterm elections was the highest in the nation, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. An expert on civic learning and engagement and a student voting organizer tell us what’s bringing younger voters to the polls, and why Wisconsin stands out above the rest.

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