Avoiding Physician Burnout, Are You Feeling Exhausted By Political News?, Mosquito Population Booms Across The State

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Many practicing physicians admit to having felt some sort of burnout related to their profession, which requires them to expend time, energy and compassion. We talk to a doctor about why this issue is becoming more important to the medical community. We also hear about burnout in a different form, that is political news burnout, and the mosquito population is booming in Wisconsin thanks to heavy rains and standing water. We’ll talk to a biologist about why there’s been a significant increase and what it’ll mean for the rest of the summer.

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  • Mosquito Population Booms Across The State

    Heavy rain and standing water have created a paradise for mosquitoes. There have been reports of mosquito swarms being so bad in some spots that outdoor events and school field trips have had to be canceled. Jamee Hubbard, Associate Professor of Biology at UW-Stevens Point, joins us to talk about the explosion of mosquitoes.

  • Signs Of Physician Burnout Growing In Wisconsin

    A growing number of physicians in Wisconsin are saying they’re feeling burned out. We talk to the head of the Wisconsin Medical Society about why and what effect that has on the healthcare system.

  • Are You Burned Out On Political News?

    Political news out of Washington D.C. (and, to some degree, out of state governments) has become a significant feature of the media landscape. But what is the impact of non-stop political news coverage having on people? And, if people are feeling burned out on the coverage, how might it affect our democracy? Mike Wagner, Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, discusses the issue with us.

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