Avian Flu’s Impact, Assembly Dems Call For More Transparency

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How will the major bird flu outbreak earlier this year affect prices and products in the future? Our guest discusses the long-term impact of the outbreak, and what is being done to prevent the next one. We also cover the Wisconsin Assembly Democrats’ press conference where they accused Republicans of corruption.

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  • Avian Flu In Wisconsin: Preventing The Next Outbreak

    Avian flu caused major problems in Wisconsin’s poultry and egg industries earlier this year. An expert talks about the long-term impact of the outbreak–and what’s being done to prevent the next one.

  • Wisconsin Assembly Democrats Call For More Transparency, Accountability

    The state’s Assembly Democrats held a press conference yesterday calling for open records protections to be enshrined in the state constitution, among other measures aimed at what they call “Republican corruption in Wisconsin.” We talk with one of the lawmakers.

  • State Senator Wants To Ban The Felony Box On Wisconsin Job Applications

    We talk to state Senator Lena Taylor about her legislation aimed at removing the box on Wisconsin employment applications that asks applicants to indicate whether or not they have a past felony conviction. Critics say the question unfairly impacts African Americans and other minority groups.

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