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We learn more about why a group of authors is suing a technology company over artificial intelligence using their works. Then, we talk to a Wisconsin criminology professor about a new effort from the White House to prevent gun violence.

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  • Bestselling authors sue AI company for copyright infringement

    A group of prominent authors that includes George R. R. Martin is bringing a lawsuit against OpenAI, the creator of the ChatGPT chatbot. They join a chorus of voices urging lawmakers to enact more copyright protections for writers and artists as their work continues to be used to “train” the AI. What could this all mean for the future of books? An AI theorist helps us break it down.

  • What can new federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention do to prevent gun violence?

    The White House announced a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. A Wisconsin criminology professor joins us to look at what kind of impact it could have on gun violence in America.

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