Aurora Borealis Visible From Wisconsin, Weekly Congress Roundup, Oklahoma Fraternity And Racism At Colleges

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The University of Oklahoma shut down a fraternity and expelled two of its members after a video of the group participating in racist chants appeared online. Our guest says these attitudes are more common among college students than you might think. We also review the latest news from Congress, and find out why the Northern Lights were especially bright last night.

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  • Northern Lights Seen In Wisconsin

    Strong solar storms led to bright Northern Lights in the night sky on Tuesday. For the first time in years, the Aurora Borealis extended all the way to southern Wisconsin. We talk to an astronomer about how the Northern Lights are formed and why last night’s were unique.

  • Oklahoma Fraternity Racism Scandal: Researcher Says Attitudes Common Among Young Men

    A fraternity at the University of Oklahoma was shut down after videos of racist chants were leaked. A higher education researcher says racist attitudes are surprisingly common among young white men on campuses.

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