Attorney General Speaks Out, Wisconsin Tax Return Delays, Making The Most Of What You Already Have

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Do you make the most of what you already have? We discuss the idea of stretching what is already present instead of seeking out more and better elements in life. Plus, we find out why many Wisconsinites will have to wait for their state tax refunds. And, we look a Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ first major speech.

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  • Attorney General Sessions Calls For Violent Crime Crackdown In First Major Speech

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions made his first big speech this week as the nation’s top law enforcement official. In it, he called for a crackdown on violent crime, among other things. A reporter breaks down what Sessions had to say, and previews where the Justice Department might be heading policy-wise in the coming months.

  • Why Many Wisconsinites Will Have To Wait For State Tax Refunds

    Thousands of Wisconsin residents will have to wait for their state tax refunds, because of an anti-fraud effort. A state capitol reporter shares the details.

  • The Benefits Of 'Stretching' And Being Resourceful With What You Have

    When it comes to achieving success in our professional and personal lives, it seems like we’re always chasing after more. We need more resources to make more money, have bigger teams to get work done, and provide more for our families to make them happy. But does any of that actually make us happy…or really improve our lives? An author makes the case that instead of being ‘chasers,’ we should be ‘stretchers’ – or people who make the most out of what they already have.

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