Attorney General Sessions Faces President Trump’s Scorn, Rumored Firing After Midterms, How Musuems Stay Relevant Now, Tasty Food For Big Groups Of People

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Museums have the tricky role of keeping old news, even ancient news, relevant and engaging to today’s citizens. We talk to a guest from the Milwaukee Public Museum about what museums keep in mind when thinking about how to create the ultimate visitor experience. We also learn tricks for cooking great food for big groups of people and we take a look at the tense relationship between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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  • Attorney General Sessions Faces President Trump's Scorn, Rumored Firing After Midterms

    President Donald Trump this week blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Fox News for recusing himself in the Russia investigation. Sessions’ recusal has long been a sore spot for the President and rumors are swirling that the Attorney General may be out of the job following the midterm elections. We talk to Daniel Lippman of POLITICO about the news and take a look at their relationship beginning with President Trump’s campaign.

  • How Museums Are Changing The Visitor Experience

    With smartphones and faster technology, the way we get information has changed. It only makes sense then that the way in which museums deliver information to its visitors might shift too. We talk to the President and CEO of the Milwaukee Public Museum what makes a great visitor experience in 2018.

  • Food Friday: The Meals We Gather Around

    For people across cultures, food has always been a way to build community. Today we talk to the author of the cookbook “Feed Your People” about how to scale up recipes for parties and get-togethers, and the foods that bring us together.

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