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We look into new data showing a large percentage of people feel disengaged at their workplaces. We also talk with the author of a new book about the atoms that make up our bodies and where they come from.

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  • Poll Finds Most American Workers Disengaged From Their Work

    A solid majority of Americans say they feel disengaged from their jobs, according to a recent Gallup survey–and those numbers are going up over time. We’ll find out what could be driving those trends, and what it all means for individual happiness and workplace success.

  • Where did what we're made of… come from?

    We take a journey learning about the history of our body’s atoms — and how they combine to make us who we are as humans.

    Content note: In a response to a question about the creation of elements, Dan said “Once the Big Bang happened, there was a huge amount of oxygen.” He meant to say “hydrogen.” Oxygen was created later in stars.

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