Assembly Considered Unemployment And Food Aid Program Changes, Money In College Football, Nationwide Prison Reforms

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Thousands of inmates in federal prisons are being released as a step against mass incarceration practices. Our guest explains how this could be the first hint of broad changes to our corrections system. We also take a look at how the University of Wisconsin stacks up in the big-money world of college football, and we talk to a political reporter about the food aid program and unemployment bills being considered in the state Assembly on Tuesday.

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  • State Assembly Considers Bills That Could Change Unemployment And FoodShare Benefits

    On Tuesday the Wisconsin State Assembly is taking up a set of bills that would change the way food aid recipients get their benefits in the state. A political reporter discusses these bills and how exactly they would change Wisconsin’s aid programs.

  • UW Football And College Coaches' Salaries

    Salaries across the country for college football coaches have exploded over the last decade. Wisconsin is at the lower end of this trend, but some officials are calling for ways to regulate coaches’ salaries at universities. The author of “Billion Dollar Ball” joins us to discuss the intersection of big money and college football

  • Prison Reform: Federal Efforts Target Mass Incarceration

    Thousands of federal inmates are being released around the United States as a part of an effort to reduce large-scale incarceration. An expert on prison reform says the move is a very small step toward a solution–but could be a symbol of wide changes.

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