Are Dating Apps Affecting Our Mental Health?, What Your Home Can Reveal About You, Wisconsin’s Medicaid Work Requirement Waiver Gets Final Approval From Trump Administration

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From the way you decorate your bedroom, to the clutter on your desk or even your favorite outfit, what you choose to surround yourself with can say a lot about your inner self. We hear from a psychology professor who studies what we can learn from our personal spaces. We also talk about the widespread use of dating apps and their impact on relationships. And we get an update on Wisconsin’s Medicaid work requirement waiver.

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  • Wisconsin's Medicaid Work Requirement Waiver Gets Final Approval From Trump Administration

    The Trump Administration approved Wisconsin’s Medicaid waiver request that would allow the state to implement work requirements for some Badgercare recipients. The approval comes at a critical time in the election season as Governor Scott Walker faces a tight race with his Democratic challenger, Tony Evers. We speak with Nathaniel Weixel from The Hill about the waiver and the impact these new requirements might have on the rest of the election.

  • Are Dating Apps Affecting Our Mental Health?

    As of last year, the popular dating app Tinder, had 50 million users with some reports stating the average usage time per day is 90 minutes. That’s 90 minutes of users flipping through images and very brief bios of other users, deciding with a flick of their finger, whether or not their interested in a person. While there’s been very little research on dating apps’ affect on mental health, there is some research that supports that things like regular rejection, ghosting, and feeling replaceable are having negative effects on its users. We talk to a researcher of the sociology of online dating for more.

  • What Your Stuff And Space Says About You

    Have you ever visited a friend or a family member’s house for the first time and couldn’t help but make mental observations about their decorating style or the art on their walls? We hear from a professor of psychology who has studied what people’s spaces can say about their lives and personality.

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