Apple Ending iTunes, New Effort To Stall US Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia In Senate

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After Apple’s announcement that its music-management service iTunes is going away, we look at the shift in consumer and listener culture, from owning recordings towards streaming. And we discuss a move in the U.S. Senate to halt American arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

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  • Apple's iTunes Being Phased Out

    Apple recently announced that its iTunes program is coming to an end. We talk with a technology writer about how iTunes changed the way we think about music ownership, why the software was often frustrating, and what kind of services will take its place.

  • New Effort To Stall US Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia In Senate

    A new bipartisan push in the U.S. Senate could halt the multi-billion dollar weapons sale agreed upon by the Trump Administration and Saudi Arabia. We talk to an expert about the deal and how it could impact U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Alyssa Bereznak Guest
  • Saeed Khan Guest

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