Appeals Court Rules Against NSA, American Resource Use, Accepting Invasive Species

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Much has been made in Wisconsin about the threat of invasive species like zebra mussels and Asian carp, but one ecologist says our fear might be misplaced. He argues that invasive species can create new and diverse ecosystems. We also explore how American culture affects our resource use, and discuss a federal appeals court ruling against the NSA’s phone data collection program.

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  • Federal Appeals Court Rules Against NSA's Phone Data Collection Program

    A federal appeals court has ruled against the NSA’s bulk phone collection data program. A legal expert explains the ruling, and what’s next for the program.

  • How Will America's Super-Consumerism Affect Its Future?

    The United States by far outstrips every other developed nation in its consumption of fuel and food. What lies at the root of America’s tendency toward gluttony, and how will it affect the country’s future?

  • The Case For Embracing, Not Fighting, Invasive Species

    Invasive species are often public enemy #1 for conservationists and environmentalists. But what if we stopped fighting them…and actually embraced them? An environmental journalist and author makes the case that invasive species can benefit nature, and in many cases, actually enhance the ecosystems they enter.

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