Antibiotic Crowdsourcing, Antibiotic Restictions In Livestock, Holiday Pet Adoption

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How could “citizen scientists” like us help discover the next antibiotic? Rob Ferrett and Gene Purcell will find out. Then they consider new antibiotic restrictions for livestock from the FDA and learn about “dos and don’ts” when it comes to adopting a pet for the holidays.

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  • Humane Society Gives Do's And Don'ts Of Holiday Pet Adoptions

    Giving the gift of a pet this holiday season could be the surprise of a lifetime … and that surprise could be good or bad, depending on the situation.

    Anne Reed, the president of the Wisconsin Humane Society, said surprising someone with an animal as a gift can be wonderful, but it must be done right.

    “In order to do this well, you really want to think about not just the specific care needs for that animal,” she said. “But also … really think about your gift recipient, and what would be most satisfying to them.”

    In other words, adopt the animal that works well for the recipient — and not yourself.

    Reed also said it’s important to think about the amount of work and money that goes into caring for an animal. Budgeting for future expenses, like veterinarian visits, is always a good idea, she said.

    One alternative to surprising someone with a new pet is putting together an adoption kit. For instance, if a person is considering a kitten, Reed suggested putting together a kit that includes things like toys, food, a litter box and a bed.

    “Often, things are pretty hectic in your house over the holiday itself,” Reed said. “Sometimes, the best time to bring that animal into your home isn’t holiday morning itself, but maybe a week or so later when things calm down. And the kit is just perfect for that.”

    She also said that bringing the gift recipient in on the adoption process can be an incredibly special moment.

    “When you bring your loved one into the shelter to help choose the adoption, they get to have that moment of falling in love,” she said.

  • Citizen Scientists Could Discover New Antibiotics

    Experts say we’re heading towards a post-antibiotic era, partly because drug companies are developing so few new antibiotics. But a new project encourages citizen scientists to explore and test materials in their environment for their antibiotic properties. The men behind this new project explain how it works and why they created it.

  • FDA Restricts Antibiotic Use For Livestock

    On Wednesday the Food and Agriculture Administration established a new policy that will place restrictions on the use of antibiotics in livestock. The new rules are being called “a major shift for national food policy.” They limit farmers to using antibiotics only for medical purposes and not to enhance the size of animals.

  • Holiday Pet Adoption: Dos And Don'ts

    Thinking about adopting a pet this holiday season? The director of the Wisconsin Humane Society has some advice on finding the best pet for your lifestyle.

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