Anti-trans laws and rhetoric, Wealth and power

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Marchers in an LGBTQ+ pride parade with a transgender pride flag
Members of Georgia’s transgender and non-binary community stroll through the city’s Midtown district during Gay Pride Festival’s Transgender Rights March in Atlanta on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. Robin Rayne/AP Photo

We talk to a gender sociology professor about anti-transgender laws and political rhetoric growing in prominence. Then, an author shares his new book exploring how the wealthy and powerful are able to get away with more than the rest of society.

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  • Anti-trans laws and political rhetoric becoming more prominent

    A speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference said transgenderism should be eradicated. It’s the latest in a growing trend of anti-trans political rhetoric that has followed anti-trans laws in many states. A sociology professor who teaches LGBTQ+ studies in Wisconsin joins us to share the impact this has on the trans community and what efforts are in place to fight back.

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