Ann Patchett Shares Books To Read In Times Of Uncertainty, How To Constructively Talk About Race

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Leaders and big names in many fields have been making public apologies, even resigning from positions, for racist and/or disrespectful comments made in the past. We talk with an interracial communication expert about how we talk about race and how we talk with people who don’t like us. We also hear book recommendations from bestselling author Ann Patchett.

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    Big readers would likely say there’s a book for every situation…even a pandemic. We talk with bestselling author Ann Patchett about what reads she’s finding comforting in this time, and the value of books in times of high anxiety.

  • How To Have Tough Conversations About Race

    After much criticism, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently apologized for comments he made about “disrespecting the flag.” In addition, Sacramento Kings radio play-by-play announcer Grant Napier resigned after tweeting “all lives matter.” We take a look at how people talk about race.

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