American Unity – The Story Of The Myth, COVID-19 Waivers

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A Florida gym has towels and sanitizing spray readily available to visitors.
Towels and sanitizer are readily available to patrons at the Downtown Gym, Monday, May 18, 2020, in Orlando, Fla. Fitness centers were allowed to reopen in parts of Florida Monday, and restaurants could open at 50 percent capacity. John Raoux/AP Photo

A journalist joins us to discuss his work tracing the history of a debate over how the creation story of the U.S. would be told. And we talk with a law professor about the legal implications of COVID-19 waivers people are being asked to sign in order to enter or use businesses again.

Featured in this Show

  • The Early Fight Over The National Myth Of The United States

    As the country continues to see unrest over the death of people of color in police custody, we talk to the author of a new book that looks back at the early fight over what the national myth of the U.S. would be: one of big ideals like self-governance and equality, or a story about a country for the superior Anglo-Saxon race.

  • Explaining The Legality Of COVID-19 Waivers

    We talk with a law professor about the emergence of waivers some businesses and other organizations are now requiring people to sign, that absolve them of liability around being infected by the coronavirus.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Colin Woodard Guest
  • Elizabeth Tippett Guest

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