Amazon’s Dominance, Battleground Poll, Mars Exploration

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A NASA image of Mars
Mars. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Despite antitrust hearings and coronavirus concerns for employees, Amazon is stronger than ever. We talk about its position in the marketplace. It’s a big year for Mars exploration. We find out what scientists hope to learn. We also hear about a new poll looking at the presidential race in three key swing states.

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  • Amazon Brings In Record Sales Despite Antitrust Hearings, Worker Crisis

    Amazon’s share of the ecommerce market grew as much this April has it had over the past five years combined with many panicked, quarantined individuals doing the bulk of their shopping on the site. Also in the last few months, Amazon workers voiced complaints about inadequate safety measures and pay and CEO Jeff Bezos was questioned in court on the business practices the company has used to get to the top. We talk with a journalist who has been following Amazon’s growth for years to get the full picture.

  • Battleground Poll Shows Biden Leading Trump in Wisconsin, Michigan, And Pennsylvania

    A new poll from UW-Madison’s Elections Research Center on the presidential race surveyed registered voters in the Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We talk with the poll’s director about how people felt on a variety of issues and why they prefer the candidates they do.

  • Red Planet Summer

    There’s a surge of multi-national activity to further explore Mars this summer. We talk to a science writer about some of the mysteries that continue to inspire travel to the red planet.

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