The Alt-Right’s Online Presence, Severe Weather Update And Preventing Flooding

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Roads closed in Superior, Wisconsin due to flooding after heavy rainfall
Roads closed in Superior, Wisconsin due to flooding after heavy rainfall. Danielle Kaeding/WPR

While white supremacy and nationalism have a long history, the “alt-right” ideology is finding a new reach. We learn where the thinking is appearing today. Then, we get the latest on severe weather cleanup efforts across Wisconsin. And we talk to a historian about some famous human fossils.

Featured in this Show

  • The Reach Of The Alt-Right

    Our guest has been exploring the ideology of the current “alt-right, ” and says despite new platforms on the internet, the core ideas of white supremacy, right-wing nationalism and anti-feminism have a long history. We look into what form they’re taking today.

  • An Update On Power Outages And Damages From Weekend Storms

    Gov. Tony Evers has declared a state of emergency for all of Wisconsin after tornadoes, wind, large hail and torrential rain hit the state over the weekend. We get an the latest on damage, power outages and cleanup efforts.

  • Seven Skeletons: The Evolution Of The World's Most Famous Human Fossils

    Some fossils of early human ancestors have become household names — think of Lucy, a female hominid fossil found in the 1970s, or Peking Man, a fossil from roughly 750,000 years ago. We talk to a historian who explored all the controversies, exhibitions and rumors that made fossils famous.

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