All About Bacon, How To Talk To Teens About Marijuana

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As marijuana is legalized in more parts of the U.S. and it becomes part of current pop culture, talking to teens about drug use can seem a little complicated. We talk with a parent and teen educator about how to have a talk with teens about pot that is informational, not instructive. We also talk about how to maximize your bacon flavor and use on this week’s Food Friday.

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  • Food Friday: Bacon!

    A 2017 survey shows how Americans feel about bacon: 21 percent said if they could, they’d eat it every day for the rest of their lives, 18 percent said it’s their favorite food and 16 percent said they couldn’t live without it. We discuss how to properly cook bacon and integrate it into our dishes.

  • Does Legalized Marijuana Change How We Talk To Teens About Drugs?

    As marijuana becomes legalized in more states and normalized in pop culture, teens are not blind to the fact that many people do in fact enjoy drugs. We talk with the founder of an alcohol and drug education and prevention nonprofit about how to approach the drug talk when it appears that ‘everyone is doing it’.

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