Alex Jones Banned, Apple Breaks $1 Trillion But There Will Be More, More Older Adults Still In The Workforce

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A growing number of online platforms have banned content from inflammatory conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. We examine the legal and ethical issues behind the ban. Then, more and more older adults, 85 years of age and older, are in the workforce whether that be part time, continuing an old job, or working in sales. We talk to a Wisconsin expert about where we’re seeing them the most and why this might be happening. We also discuss Apple’s climb to be the first trillion dollar company in the U.S.

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  • Social Media Companies Remove Content By Alex Jones

    Conservatives are criticizing the decision by several social media companies to remove content posted by inflammatory conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Apple, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube say Jones has violated their platforms’ community guidelines. However, Twitter says he has not broken its terms of service. We look at the legal and ethical issues behind the ban.

  • What The Rise Of Megacompanies Like Apple And Amazon Means For The Economy

    The tech giant Apple hit a historic milestone last Thursday when it became the first public company to be valued at $1 trillion. We talk to a reporter about the rise of megacompanies, and what they mean for the economy.

  • Demographics, Economy Lead To More Older Adults Working

    More Americans in their 60s, 70s, and 80s are working than at any other time on record. We talk with a guest from AARP Wisconsin about what’s keeping them in the workforce, the kind of jobs they’re doing, and what challenges they face.

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