Airline Etiquette, Google’s Health Care Project, Sex Offender Bill Veto

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Google’s “Project Nightingale” is raising concerns about the privacy of personal health information. We discuss the initiative and what has some patients worried. We also discuss the state of airline etiquette ahead of a busy travel week. Plus, we look at Gov. Evers’ veto of a sex offender bill.

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  • What Does Proper Etiquette On A Plane Look Like?

    An estimated 31.6 million Americans are expected to fly over the Thanksgiving holiday period, which means there will be a lot of potential for rude behavior. We look at some of the most common passenger faux pas, what we should do instead, and how we should handle someone else’s bad behavior.

  • Google's 'Nightingale Project' Raises Concerns Over Patient Privacy

    Google’s “Project Nightingale” has reportedly gathered personal health data from patients at Ascension–a chain of more than 2,500 clinics and hospitals across the country. We speak with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal about the initiative and the privacy concerns surrounding the move.

  • A Look At Evers' Veto Of Sex Offender Housing Bill

    Gov. Tony Evers recently vetoed a bill that would’ve lifted certain state restrictions on where sex offenders can live. We look at what the proposal would’ve done, why Evers rejected it and how lawmakers are reacting to the move.

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