Air pollution, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, School shootings

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Smokestacks in the winter
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We learn more about a study connecting air pollution to public health outcomes. Then, a Wisconson singer-songwriter shares how she is using music to raise awareness about violence against Native American women. Later, a journalist and author who covers school shootings joins us to discuss the impacts of the latest tragedy in Uvaldi, Texas.

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  • Study finds eliminating air pollution could save tens of thousands of lives

    A new study from UW-Madison found that over 50 thousand deaths could be prevented each year if energy-related air pollution in the U.S. were eliminated. One of the researchers explains how air pollution impacts health and life expectancy.

  • Using music to bring attention to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

    We talk with an Indigenous recording artist based in Wisconsin about her work to raise awareness of violence against women, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

  • The aftermath of school shootings like in Uvalde, Texas

    School shootings like the latest tragedy in Uvalde, Texas have long-lasting effects after the story exits the news cycle. We talk to a reporter and author who covers the issue.

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