Ag Secretary In Wisconsin, A Canine Conservationist In Wisconsin, A Loook At The ‘Modertate Middle’

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Garlic Mustard
Garlic mustard, a common invasive plant species in Wisconsin. lcm1863 (CC-By-MC-ND)

Tilia is a dog who sniffs out invasive plants at the Mequon Nature Preserve. We learn about her unique work. We examine whether there is really a large group of voters that falls between the two major parties’ positions. And we talk about Sonny Perdue’s message for farmers at the World Dairy Expo.

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  • US Ag Secretary Suggests Small Farms May Need To Scale Up To Make It

    U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told reporters at the World Dairy Expo in Madison Tuesday that small farms may not be viable, and may need to get bigger to make it. We get a reaction from the president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union.

  • Wisconsin Conservation Dog Hunts Down Invasive Species

    When the staff at the Mequon Nature Preserve needs help rooting out invasive species or monitoring animal populations, they turn to Tilia, Wisconsin’s only conservation dog. We find out about her training, day-to-day activities, and why dogs are well suited for conservation work.

  • Does The 'Moderate Middle' Really Exist?

    There is a commonly-held belief that independent voters are clustered near the middle of the political spectrum, and that parties need to move in that direction to capture their votes. We talk with a political oberver who examined the data and says that those assumptions are wrong.

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