Affordable Housing, Report On Racial Disparity In Children’s Well-Being

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Affordable housing for lower and middle class people is a challenging issue for cities across the United States. We discuss where housing trends are headed and look at approaches different areas are taking to provide options for everyone. We also cover the release of the 2017 Race For Result report, which includes a look at racial racial disparity for children’s well-being in Wisconsin and the country.

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  • Report Takes Another Look At Racial Disparity In Child Well-Being

    A new “Race For Results” report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which focuses on the well-being of American Children, shows that Wisconsin’s wide gap in well-being between white and African-American children continues. In addition, other children of color also face significant disparities.

    The foundation released its first “Race for Results: Building a Path to Opportunity for All Children” in 2014, which showed, among other findings, that the score of African-American children placed them further than opportunity than kids of other races and ethnicities. Scores were not much better for Latino and Native American children. Meanwhile, the scores for white children were “significantly better” and the highest scores belonged to Asian and Pacific Islander kids, according to the report.

    Join us as we talk to the executive director of Kids Forward to look at the report’s findings and explore what needs to change for the state – and its children and families – to succeed.

    Families and teachers, we want to hear from you. What do you think needs to be done to help the children in our state? What kinds of policy moves would you like to see? Join our conversation by, posting on the Ideas Network Facebook page and tweeting at @centraltimewpr.

  • Dealing With The High Cost Of Rent And Mortgages

    For many low-income and middle-income Americans, rent and mortgage payments are eating up a big part of the budget–and in some communities, housing costs are out of reach for the people who work there. An expert on affordable housing talks about the causes of the problem, and possible policy solutions.

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