Advice For Home Improvement Projects On Your Own, Making Protest Movements Successful

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Bathroom remodel
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A DIY blogger and contractor has some tips for us on tackling projects around the house by ourselves. Then we talk to a sociologist about how protests like the ones we’re seeing around the country and locally can actually result in changes.

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  • Finding Time for Home Projects? Not Impossible

    When you’re suddenly asked to spend some more time at home than usual, you might start to see all the projects, potential or things that need to be done around your living space. We hear from a blogger and licensed general contractor about some projects (big and small) you can tackle around the house to feel a sense of satisfaction — and we ask you what you’ve worked on recently from organizing and cleaning kitchen cabinets to creating a garden bed.

  • What It Takes For Protests And Social Movements To Lead To Change

    Protests to reform policing in African American communities have been taking place for decades, but change has been slow to come. We talk with a sociology professor about what makes protest movements translate into change, and how violence and looting relate to peaceful demonstrations.

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