Adressing Mental Illness Stigma And Gun Violence, New Federal Food Waste Reduction Goal

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The EPA and USDA are joining forces to enact far-reaching goals for reducing food waste. We’ll find out how they hope to achieve them, plus, we talk to a guest who says we can address mental illness stigma and gun violence at the same time.

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  • Guest Says We Can Address Mental Illness Stigma AND Gun Violence

    A mass shooting at a community college in Rosebury, Oregon last week has reopened the debate about gun control in the United States. On Friday, Governor Walker spoke about the shooting and said we need to focus on mental health problems instead of gun control when it comes to mass shootings. Our guest says Governor Walker is right that we need to address the stigma surrounding mental illness, but he’s reinforcing the wrong association between mental illness and gun violence that reinforces that stigma with his comments. He explains how we can address stigma and gun violence at the same time.

  • EPA, USDA Looking To Cut America's Food Waste In Half By 2030

    Leaders of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency recently came together to announce an ambitious goal for the country: reduce the amount of food we waste by 50 percent by the year 2030. A guest looks at how that goal might be achieved.

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