Adapting exercise as we age, Flood preparedness

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Arthur Zitzner, 93, exercises at his Green Hill retirement home
Arthur Zitzner, 93, works his arms on a pulley exerciser at the Green Hill retirement home where he lives in West Orange, N.J., Monday, April 3, 2006. Physical fitness protects against high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, all risk factors for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Mike Derer/AP Photo

As our bodies age and change, our exercise routines should also take on a new look. We talk with a Wisconsin expert about what we should keep in mind. We also hear from an engineer about how cities and towns can better prepare for heavy flooding.

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  • How your workout should change as you age

    Having an active lifestyle is essential to living a long, healthy life. But as your body changes with time, your workout should too. We talk to a physical therapist about how to adapt our exercise habits so that we can stay active well into old age.

  • How prepared is Wisconsin for more rain and flooding from climate change?

    Flooding is becoming more frequent and severe in Wisconsin as climate change brings more extreme weather. A civil and environmental engineer joins us to look at how prepared the state is for flooding and what steps we can take to be more ready.

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