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Wisconsin’s Capitol during Act 10 protests
Wisconsin’s Capitol building saw up to 100,000 protesters gather in February 2011 to voice opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill which sought to save taxpayers money by requiring employees to pay more for health care and retirement and stripping collective bargaining rights from most public employee unions. Richard Hurd (CC-BY)

A new lawsuit is challenging Act 10 on equal protection grounds. We talk with a constitutional law expert about the merits of the case. We’re also joined by the author of a book on the upsides of life as a single person.

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  • What makes the latest lawsuit over Act 10 in Wisconsin different from previous suits

    Multiple labor unions in Wisconsin filed a new lawsuit to try and overturn Act 10 and restore collective bargaining rights. A UW-Madison law professor joins us to look at the equal protection argument in this case and what makes it different from previous lawsuits over this issue.

  • The benefits of embracing single life

    An expert writer on the experience of being single talks about her new book on the topic, which draws from survey data from more than 20,000 people from more than 100 countries. We look at topics of happiness and ability to navigate aging, and how being single affects those in people.

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