Accidents on the rise, PFAS in the news, Maple syrup harvest

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We talk to the author of a book about the rise of deaths classified as ‘accidental’ in the United States. Then, we check in with a reporter and a policy expert on the latest PFAS news. Finally, we talk to a forestry specialist about how the warm weather has affected Wisconsin’s maple syrup harvest.

Featured in this Episode

  • Accidental deaths on the rise

    More Americans are dying by accident today than ever before. But according to a journalist who studies safety and injury prevention, many of these accident-related deaths are totally predictable and preventable. She joins us to explain why we’re seeing so many deaths classified as “accidents,” who is affected most, and how to work toward greater accountability.

  • PFAS news roundup

    We check in with a reporter and a policy expert on the latest PFAS news, including a court ruling that limits the DNR’s ability to regulate the chemicals and the struggle between Gov. Tony Evers and the legislature over funding to address PFAS pollution. 

  • Warmer weather brings early Maple syrup harvest

    This year’s warmer winter in Wisconsin started the maple syrup season early. We talk to a UW Extension forestry specialist about how the weather has affected sap production and what he’s seeing from the industry across the state.

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