ACA Challenge, State Of The Tribes, Milwaukee’s Freshwater Resources

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Native American tribes across Wisconsin have been in the news quite a bit this year; from a Menominee march to the capitol, to the Bad River band’s water standards getting approved by the EPA. Tribal leaders will meet with the state legislature in this year’s State of the Tribes address, and we talk to a member of the Chippewa Federation about issues important to native communities. We also explore how Milwaukee is poised to become a freshwater activity hub, and examine the latest legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

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  • What Latest ACA Challenge Could Mean For Wisconsin

    The United States Supreme Court heard a challenge to the Affordable Care Act this week, one that looks at subsidies. A health policy expert breaks down the challenge, and what it could mean for Wisconsin if the challenge is successful.

  • State Of The Tribes Address

    Every year the Native American tribes of Wisconsin address the state legislature about the biggest issues affecting native communities in the state. A member of the Chippewa Federation discusses this year’s State of the Tribes address and what issues are most pressing for the Native American communities in Wisconsin.

  • The Past, Present And Future Of Water Resources In Milwaukee

    From Lake Michigan to the Milwaukee and Menomonee Rivers, water has been at the heart of Milwaukee for as long as the city has existed…and could be the key to Milwaukee economic success in the 21st century. An environmental scientist looks at the history of Milwaukee’s freshwater landscape, and how the city is poised to capitalize on its freshwater resources in the decades to come.

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