30 Years Of ‘Dear Abby’ Charted, UW Team Working On Bandage To Heal Wounds Faster, Michigan Gov. Pushes For Great Lakes Pipeline

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Pipeline to carry crude oil is shown Friday, June 29, 2018 at the Superior terminal of Enbridge Energy in Superior, Wis. Fresh off approval by Minnesota regulators, officials with Enbridge Energy said Friday they’re on track to finish construction and put the company’s disputed Line 3 replacement crude oil pipeline into service in the second half of next year, assuming all goes well for them. (Jim Mone/AP Photo)

The injury prone might be excited to hear about researchers at UW-Madison who are working on creating a bandage that would reduce the time a wound takes to heal. We learn how this invention works from a lead researcher. And, the Michigan Senate voted to facilitate a deal to replace the 65-year-old oil pipeline in the Great Lakes. We get the latest on construction. We also hear from two journalists who analyzed 30 years of advice columns to figure out just what Americans are worried about.

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  • What 30 Years Of 'Dear Abby' Reveals About American Anxiety

    A team of visual journalists rounded up all the letters written to America’s longest running advice column ‘Dear Abby’ since the late 80s to find out what’s on the minds of American advice-seekers. We talk to the team about sifting through all those letters and what they reveal about humanity.

  • UW Researchers Developing Bandage To Speed Up Healing Time

    Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison are developing a new bandage that aims to reduce the time it takes a wound to heal. We talk to one of the lead researchers of the project.

  • Michigan Governor Pushes To Lock In Great Lakes Pipeline Deal

    Michigan Governor Ricky Snyder and his team are working hard to try to seal an agreement with Canadian oil transport company Enbridge for a 4-mile-long section of pipe that lies on the floor of the Straits of Mackinac. We learn more about the original pipeline and what it would take to replace it.

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