2024 State of the Tribes, Alabama ruling on frozen embryos, Sprucing up our salads, Public opinion on the economy

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James Crawford, chair of the Forest County Potawatomi tribe.
James Crawford, chair of the Forest County Potawatomi tribe, calls for bipartisanship during the State of the Tribes speech in the Wisconsin state Assembly on Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024, in Madison, Wis. (Scott Bauer/AP Photo)

We explore the key takeaways from this year’s State of the Tribe address. Then, a legal expert explains the Alabama Supreme Court Ruling that deemed frozen embryos are children. On Food Friday, we get advice for making better salads. And we wrap up with a look at attitudes about the economy from everyday people.

Featured in this Episode

  • Analysis of this year's State of the Tribes address

    The Chairman of the Forest County Potawatomi delivered the annual State of the Tribes address. A former tribal judge talks with us about the speech and the issues facing tribes in Wisconsin.

  • What Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos means for reproductive rights

    The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last week that frozen embryos are “children.” An expert explains the far-reaching implications of granting embryos legal personhood. 

  • Food Friday: Hungry Lady Salads

    On this week’s edition of Food Friday, the digital creator behind “Kat Can Cook” shares some of her favorite ways to build full meal in a single bowl – aka her popular “Hungry Lady Salad” concept.

    Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Sesame Date Dressing

    Recipe: Shaved Caesar Salad with Fennel and Crispy Chickpeas

  • How Americans feel about the strength of the economy

    Economic data shows positive signs for the U.S. economy, but many people report not feeling optimistic about their economic situation. A UW-Madison professor joins us to share what she heard from her efforts to talk to the public about their economic concerns.

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